Home is a big deal, we get it!

Just the thought of selling can provoke many emotions and fears, we understand! But we are here to walk you through and answer each and every question. 

We are excited to share with you this FREE, QUICK AND EASY Service!

This service has the ability to give you an automated property value for your home. By design, it uses an algorithm to compare your property with other properties that have sold. The algorithm will consider things like location, square footage, age of your home, design, and a number of other factors that can be found in various sources of public records.

WARNING: Like any automated property value system, it has some flaws. For example, if you own a 1956 Cape Cod, the system does not know if you have replacement windows or not. Nor does it know if the comparable homes had replacement windows. Water in the basement and pet odors are examples of other things that are not detected or exposed in public records.

BOTTOM LINE: If you own a newer home in a development, the value will likely be more accurate than if you own an older or isolated home, simply because more current data will be available for the newer home. Proceed with caution: We provide this service because people generally want to have an idea of their property’s value even before they talk with a Realtor. Know that there are many variables that are difficult for a computerized system to detect. Thus, depending on the data available, the accuracy of the stated value will vary. Any one of our agents has the ability to do a more thorough, comprehensive evaluation of your home and may even make suggestions as to how you can enhance your property’s value.

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